Positively Impactful – Meet Our Volunteers at NYCH!

When we think of the word “unity,” we often think of people coming together.  But when we think of our volunteers and the work they do, we realize that this is more than just “coming together.”  Volunteers and their endless commitment, dedication and care create strong bonds and human connections needed to ensure that individuals and communities thrive.  When everyone is part of a greater cause and is devoted equally toward a common goal and outcome, that is when we are united.  As Helen Keller once said: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”  On behalf of NYCH and the communities we serve, we would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for each and every one of our volunteers.  Please take a moment to read about each of them below. A big THANKS to everyone.  We could not do what we do without YOU!

Peivand with volunteer mentors and participants from the Mentorship Program.

Peivand with volunteer mentors and participants from the Mentorship Program.

Peivand - We are very honoured to have someone of Peivand’s prestige and humility volunteering with us. Since January 2018 his dedication has shaped the lives of many as he continues to find the time and energy to run monthly workshops and provide support for participants with their career goals. His work with our participants is truly exemplary. 

Winston – Winston started volunteering with NYCH in May 2018 and with him came intellect, resourcefulness and a sense of determination to succeed. These strengths have been a source of inspiration and encouragement to those around him and we are grateful for his role with North York Community House. 

Shahin – Since the beginning of his role back in January 2018, Shahin has been helpful and friendly towards others, which has served him well in his mentorship role.  His innovative thinking and adventurous spirit challenges and motivates others to do and be better. It is an honour to have him on our team at North York Community House.

Patience - In all her years of volunteer service at North York Community House, Patience has been an asset to our participants in the citizenship programs and we thank her tremendously for her contribution in helping new Canadians. Her support has helped many newcomers reach one of their greatest accomplishments and we are thankful for her presence with us.

Tony – Tony is unfailingly kind and patient in his volunteer role. He is an exceptional model of humility, wisdom and honour and we are so appreciative of all the great value he brings to our language programs.

Philomena – Philomena has attentive listening skills and a genuine interest in others that is very much appreciated. She is a woman of grace and compassion and we are thankful for her support at North York Community House.

Kate and a participant from LINC

Kate and a participant from LINC

Kate – Kate has been with us for three years and within her time here, we have seen her grow in her confidence and knowledge. She is always ready and willing to help with our programs and to serve others and we are truly appreciative for all she does.

Mahvash – Mahvash has a unique sweetness and gentle spirit about her that is comforting to the newcomers in our programs. She is always smiling and looking for ways to learn, extend herself and help others. We hope to have her energy and enthusiasm as we grow older and we are ever so grateful for the bright and shining light she reflects wherever she goes.

Joel – Joel brings dignity and refinement to his volunteer position, which serves as an example to all. He delivers a quiet strength to his storytelling and facilitating role, which helps support and accommodate the diversity of our program participants and we value his contributions very much.

Kristine – Kristine has been a valued support to our LINC students and staff. Her kindness and compassion goes a long way in creating a space where students feel free to make mistakes and learn. Her continuous support to our students is truly cherished.

Eugenio - The openness and relatability that Eugenio brings to his role has been a major asset in supporting participants in the mentorship program. His personal journey is an inspiration and encouragement to many newcomers experiencing challenges in their settlement. We thank him for taking the time to mentor and support those looking to make a difference in their new home.

Lorraine – Lorraine is exceedingly gentle and caring in her interactions with others. She strives to put others at ease and to make things better. We are very thankful that she is a part of our NYCH family.

Shaku – Shaku has been a big part of NYCH for a very long and memorable time.  She has grown together with us since one of her earlier roles’ with the Senior’s Arts Program.  Her endless dedication and unfailing energy to volunteer and contribute to the organization will continue to be appreciated and valued.

Nicole – A compassionate advocate, we are proud to have Nicole as part of our team in her role as mentorship support with our newcomer participants. We are thankful for her help.


Sandra – Sandra brings an engaging, cheerful and positive energy that is a wonderful addition to her volunteer role. We thank her for supporting us throughout the small jobs.

Vijayalakshmi – In the four years that she has been with us, Vijayalakshmi has exhibited a positive attitude and calm demeanour in every volunteer role that she has represented. We cannot help but respond with positivity when we are around her.

Mirian – Mirian has such a gentle and quiet spirit about her, which instantly brings a sense of well-being to those around. We are thankful for her work with the children in the homework club and the positive differences she makes.



Tulsi – We are wishing Tulsi a Happy 9th Year Anniversary at NYCH! She has become a part of the NYCH family over the years and has positively influenced so many of our adult learners. She is a patient, loving and encouraging teacher and has brought so much value to the work that we do. We are very grateful for her.

Gloria – Gloria’s keenness to learn and attention to detail has been a great asset with the financial literacy team. Her respect for staff and to the clients we serve makes working with her a pleasure.

Sandy – Sandy’s talent and skills are a true asset in her volunteer role but it is her warmth and caring nature that makes the difference. We thank her tremendously.

Ivan – Ivan’s energy and passion to serve and give back has invigorated us to think bigger and better. We express our thanks to him for being an ally and challenging us and we look forward to continuing the story of his partnership with NYCH.

Selina – Selina is patient, kind and compassionate. The help she gives and the kindness she shows in our program is truly valued.

Beatrice – Beatrice has wonderful traits that consist of an eagerness to serve and to give to others, greeting every task with a smile.



Mitra - It has been wonderful working with Mitra for the past seven years. Her passion, care for others and drive is an inspiration to others and us. We are thankful for her availability to support and give back and above all we thank her for sharing her story and motivating others.

Choonjee – Choonjee moved from participant to volunteer and has given so much to helping others by sharing her story and supporting others.

Mina – Within the seven months that she has been with NYCH, Mina has brought knowledge, patience and people skills to the program participants. She has become a reliable resource of industry information for our clients.

Fatemeh – In Fatemeh’s nine months with NYCH, she has shown commitment, punctuality and courtesy to our activities. She consistently cares about clients and has been adaptable to the high-pace programs that she has been involved with.

Pendar – Pendar has been with us over a year and her energy, positivity and wonderful attitude contributes greatly to the mentorship program. She has been a friendly and sincere peer to her mentees, removing barriers and helping them to develop their interpersonal skills.

Virginia – Virginia has been a constant pillar of support since she became a volunteer with NYCH. She has dedicated her energy and time to meeting the needs of those she works with and works tirelessly in her community. She is a quick learner, kind, compassionate and always willing to help others. We thank her immensely for her commitment to NYCH.

Kimberley – Kimberly has shown kindness, caring and compassion in her volunteer work. She is an amazing woman who goes over and beyond while also trying to learn and extend herself.

Roga - In the 18 months that she has been with us, Roga has always shown up with a great attitude. She has portrayed wisdom and patience in working with clients. We thank her for being highly responsive to our client’s needs.

Marilyn - From the moment she walked into our office back in 2011, Marilyn has been a great friend to NYCH. We are so grateful for the many participants she has engaged with, supported, encouraged and comforted in her volunteer role. She is definitely a part of the NYCH family and we are so appreciative of her time and support to us and those we serve.

Priscilla – Priscilla is a kind and gracious woman. She is patient and gentle with the clients and we are grateful for the time she has given to NYCH.

Angel – Angel brings a thoughtfulness to her volunteer role that we appreciate. Her commitment to social justice, desire to serve others and contributions to her community is truly admirable.

Betzabeth – Betzabeth’s need to serve others and kindness are qualities that stand out and we look forward to working with her.

Sue – Sue has a genuine desire to give and her interest in the well-being of others is an exceptional trait that we value very highly.

Michael – We are grateful for Michael’s continued commitment to community and his generous heart. We know that if he could he would be doing 100 things and more. We thank him for the time that he has given to NYCH and for encouraging his children to volunteer and give back to others.

Christine – Christine is tireless in her volunteer work. We appreciate that she has chosen to serve her community in her free time and does so with a cheerful attitude and happy heart.

Volunteers at English Conversation Circle

Volunteers at English Conversation Circle

Katie – Katie is very appreciative of others and genuinely cares for the well-being of those she works with. We hope that she will pursue her desire to work in the field because her heartfelt caring personality and service to others will add another light to the work of service workers.

Reza – Reza has shown to be a true leader. He has a heart of service and humility and we are very grateful for him and all he does as a volunteer at NYCH.

Cristina – Cristina originally came to NYCH for support over 10 years ago and as a form of paying-it-forward, she has gracefully stayed to help others. We thank her immensely for her work with seniors, providing interpretation support and working with our conversation circles. She is a friendly person that individuals can approach for information and referral resources for their communities and we are grateful for her consistent willingness to help others.

Karen - Invested in people learning, growing and improving lives, we thank Karen for her work in our conversation circles, tutoring and citizenship preparation programs. We truly appreciate the warm smile that she brings to her volunteer work and the joy that she exudes.

Barbara G – Barbara has shown great dedication in supporting our participants in their language development and helping them to learn about their new country. A humble person, Barbara may not always want accolades but we truly appreciate her work with us.

Ilnam – Ilnam’s enthusiasm, professionalism and engaging attitude is what stood out from the beginning and is something that still shines in his volunteer work. His ability to connect quickly with others and engage with them makes him the prefect volunteer for our conversation circles.  

Shane – Shane’s energy and humour are valued characteristics that draw others to him. His interest in others is evident in how he engages and shares with the participants in the conversation circles. We thank him for his support in the work we do.

Hassan – Hassan has dedicated his time to volunteering with NYCH and even having recently moved, he is still committed to supporting us.

Kareem – Even though he has a very busy life, we are grateful for Kareem and his generosity.  Whenever we call for help, he is always there and we are appreciative.

Olayinka – For the past 10 months, Olayinka has made our lives easier by giving us so much of his time and dedication.  We are truly grateful for his support.

Sina – Sina is a wonderful young man who makes our work with Farsi speaking communities much easier.  We thank him for all his support and always look forward to the positive energy he radiates.

Oladimeji – Since coming to us for his own personal need for support, Oladimeji has turned it around and as a form of paying-it-forward, he volunteers with NYCH and we cannot express our gratitude enough for his support and dedication.

Jonathan – Jonathan is patient in his interactions with others, engaging and personable. These traits, along with many other qualities, have served him well during his volunteer role with our conversation circle program. We give much thanks for his work at NYCH.

Nahla - Gentle and kind are just a few of the qualities that Nahla possesses and are what draw people to her, keeping them attached to her. She is always looking to help and contribute to the betterment of others and we thank her for all she does but especially for seeing the best in others.

Harley – Harley has dedicated his time and energy to support newcomers in our language support programs. He is patient and understanding, and his facilitation skills and humour are but a few of his characteristics that successfully engage others in developing their English speaking skills. We extend our gratitude to Harley for his support at NYCH.

 Jila – Jila is compassionate, dedicated and has a giving heart that we truly admire. Her ability to see the needs of others and seek out solutions to meet those needs are a testament of her commitment to her community and we are forever grateful. Her wonderful baked goods don’t hurt either. :)

Volunteers and Senior Caregivers

Volunteers and Senior Caregivers

Abdul – Thinking of Abdul always brings a smile to our faces. He has a sense of humour and a big laugh that lightens up every moment that he spends with us. We are sincerely grateful for him and the light he has become to others.

Simran – Simran’s ability to challenge and encourage others is truly an asset to the youth in our homework program. Her gentle and quiet essence brings a sense of calm to all whom she encounters and her competitive spirit during game time makes her endearing to the students. We speak on behalf of the homework program participants when we say how thankful we are for her role with NYCH.

Mehrangiz – Mehrangiz is a hardworking individual and is a perfect example of tenacity, knowledge and skills. She has the ability to use these qualities to the betterment of others and we appreciate her heart to serve and give back to others.

Jancy – Jancy’s humility and respectful attitude in her volunteer work are truly commendable. We express our gratitude and gives thanks to her work with our adult learners in our language program and we look forward to continuing our journey with her.

Monica – Monica brightens any room she enters.  Her engaging personality helps to put our participants at ease and creates a sense of safety and comfort for the learning of a new language. We look forward to her continued work with NYCH.

Barbara H. – Barbara brings a cheerful spirit and mindfulness that creates a space for our English learners to feel comfortable being themselves and that is one of the greatest gifts she can offer to our newcomer participants. We are thankful that she has chosen NYCH to be her place of volunteering. 

Joven – Joyen is steadfast in his volunteer work and commitment. He spreads encouragement, motivation and inspiration for the participants that he has mentored in our program and we thank him dearly for the positive imprints he leaves with everyone he works with.

Sarah – Sarah’s professional knowledge and support has been very helpful to our participants and we thank her for making positive impacts and being an wonderful example to the participants in the mentorship program.

Guadalupe helps a participant at the Work Permit Clinic.

Guadalupe helps a participant at the Work Permit Clinic.

Guadalupe – In her seven years as a volunteer, Guadalupe has served the community and NYCH in many capacities. She has been a facilitator, interpreter and admin support. Her desire to contribute to the welfare of others is a selfless act, an encouragement to us and a reminder of the importance of empathy and we thank her dearly.

Deniz – Deniz brings a sense of fun and sensibility to the homework program. He is able to make math an enjoyable subject and that is something that is very much appreciated, especially for the students who may be facing multiple challenges at school. We look forward to what he will bring to his volunteer role in the future.

Zara – Zara has been such an asset to the homework club. Her knowledge of different subject matters along with her sweet, cheerful demeanor is a wonderful addition to the program. We are very much looking forward to her continued support with our homework club.

 Alissa – Alissa’s patience and kindness towards the children in the homework club is admirable. We are grateful for her continued help in assisting the children and setting positive examples. We look forward to seeing how her story with NYCH will unfold.

Carol – Her desire to help others and her eagerness to learn is encouraging. Carol has unique warmth, empathy and a caring heart for participants that goes a long way in creating a safe environment for those feeling displaced and disconnected.  This is the type of human connection necessary to make positive changes in peoples’ lives and we are forever grateful for her contribution to NYCH.

Jelena with a gift for NYCH from her artist husband, Hugo Nemet.

Jelena with a gift for NYCH from her artist husband, Hugo Nemet.

Jelena – Jelena has been such a great asset working with our language program. She has helped many to move beyond their limitations and become more than they expected to be. We thank her for her dedication to her volunteer work.

Vince – In the short time that he has been with NYCH, Vince has already become involved in so many of our programs. We respect and welcome motivated and ambitious volunteers like Vince and we look forward to seeing what else he will bring to his volunteer work.

Ilona – Ilona has a passion for helping those in need but what stands out most is that she matches that passion with practical application and commitment. Her service to her community and tireless support for others is encouraging and an inspiration to many.  We are thankful to have her as a member of NYCH.

 Vivienne - Vivienne is a resident of Lotherton and has been active in the community for the past 10 years. She gives of her time tirelessly on a daily basis with the seniors groups and in the Lotherton Garden, just to name a few. She leads many of the activities that happens in Lotherton and makes sure that everyone is taken care of. We’re very lucky to have Vivienne as a resident and volunteer in the community. We extend our gratitude to Vivienne for all her hard work.

Carol - Carol is not just  resident of Lotherton but also an active volunteer and leader. She supports all the seniors activities, groups and events. She participates and sits on our lead resident groups as well and contributes valuable insight on how to support initiatives. We’re very fortunate to have Carol in the community and would like to thank her for her dedication.

Judith - Judith always makes time to give back to the community. You can always count on her to help out with events, activities , the garden and so much more. Judith makes time every Thursday and uses her vehicle to pick up items from the food bank to support the seniors groups. She’s always there when needed and goes out of her way to help. We are so thankful to have Judith as a part of the NYCH community.