The Village Bloggurls is a weekly girls' leadership and media production/literacy program where girls aged 9-13 from within Lotherton work with their mentors aged 13-18 and staff to create a safe and supportive environment.

The girls will develop a sense of ownership and belonging in this group and in their community of Lotherton, which is an under resourced, socially, and geographically isolated neighborhood that exists in a service vacuum away from the larger priority neighbourhood of Lawrence Heights.

Our goal is for the girls and mentors to gain a sense of pride, professional skills and to increase their self-esteem through identifying various forms of violence specific towards women and address these issues by sharing their stories and experiences through critical media analysis and self-represented media production (e.g., podcasts, digital stories, online blog, zine, newsletter etc.) with other girls within their community and beyond.


Village Bloggurls Tip Sheet

What is the Village Bloggurls Program?

The Village Bloggurls is a weekly girl’s leadership and media literacy program that has been running in Lotherton since 2012. It is a program that runs out of the Lotherton ANC Office (109 Lotherton Pathway) in which girls create a safe and supportive space.

The Village Bloggurls runs every Friday from 5pm-7pm except on holidays. There may be trips or special community events that run on other days.

Download the program schedule

6 Benefits to Being in the Village Bloggurls Program

  1. Creating relationships with other girls in your community
  2. Participate in community events and initiatives
  3. Develop critical thinking, media literacy and leadership skills (that look great on a resume!)
  4. At the end of the program, you will receive a certificate of completion, the ability to use the staff as a reference, and a reference letter.
  5. Volunteer hours!
  6. Network and meet other girls and women doing great work in and around the city

Program Format

Media Production: We will be creating digital artwork, blogging, podcasting, mapping and more! 
Discussion: We discuss topics that are related to gender such as gender identity, self-care, body image, media literacy, race and issues around the world.
Mentorship: Younger girls are matched with older girls in a group format for the purpose of creating a supportive friendship and a positive learning environment. The ratio of younger girls to older girls is about 2:5.
Training: Mentors and Mentors-In-Training (aged 13-19) will be trained in September and again in January regarding what their roles and responsibilities are.
Projects: Mentors and mentees (aged 9-13) will be working on projects together such as artwork, online digital work and many more!


  • One year commitment to the program
  • Follow all NYCH policy agreements
  • Model behaviour that reflects the kind of safe and supportive space that helps us all do our best
  • Participate to your fullest capacity possible
  • Communicate with staff and participants regarding absences and other needs
  • Leading and creating workshops

Parental Involvement

Parents will be able to sign up to volunteer at different events and trips throughout the year. We encourage any ideas about anything that would benefit the Village Bloggurls program.

Where to see what we’re doing

Instagram: @villagebloggurls
Facebook: Village Bloggurls

Confidentiality & Safety

What is said in the group stays in the group.*
Tell only your own story from your point of view.
Ask permission to tell or share other peoples’ stories. 

* If the information shared in a group is of harm to the person who shared it or to others, we must take appropriate action and notify the right people to handle the situation.

How to contact staff

ANC Office Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday; 10:30 - 4:30pm*
* subject to change. Please call to confirm meetings.  


Additional Resources

Before you start the program, please download and print the forms below. You and your parent/guardian will need to fill them out, and you will need to bring them to our first session.
If you require assistance with the forms, please let us know.

You will also need to submit the informational survey below, so we can match you in a group that’s right for you.

Parental Consent Form 
Required Form for Volunteers Aged 13-17
PRC Declaration Form
Toronto Police Reference Check 

The Village Bloggurls program is made possible through the generous support of the Canadian Women's Foundation.