We've added a few extra things to help you reach your STWM fundraising goal!
Feel free to use as many as you wish.


The best way to start fundraising is by sending an email (or two) to your contacts. Here are a few tips:

  • Make your emails short, sweet and include pictures if you can. (See additional resources below)

  • If possible, address the email to each contact by first name. If you’re doing a mass mailing, use something warm and fuzzy like “friend.”

  • The most important part of your email is the subject line. Consider including your name in the subject line and refrain from using the words “donate” or “charity.” Instead, opt for something that will ignite curiosity, for example: “Your friend [name] needs your help,” or “I have a question for you.”

Here is an email template you can use to get started:

"Hi [insert name],

On Sunday, October 20, 2019, I will be participating in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon [5k/half marathon/full marathon] in support of the innovative programs and services at North York Community House (NYCH).

For over 28 years, NYCH has been committed to building strong, vibrant communities - serving over 20,000 immigrants, refugees and low income residents every year. Through workshops and community activities, NYCH provides opportunities for residents to gain confidence, build skills, and lead positive change in their neighbourhoods.

Please consider making a donation on my secure online fundraising page: [fundraising page link] and start making a difference today! All pledges over $10 will receive an official tax receipt.

Thank you!"

Email Signature

Another easy way to let people know that you're participating in the STWM is by adding a short message to your email signature.

Email signature example

Download our email signature badge. Download

For instructions on how to edit your email signature, please refer to information provided for the platform you are using:


* Don't forget to hyperlink the image and any additional text to your personal fundraising page!

Social Media

Let all of your friends and followers know that you're going to be running/walking for NYCH - share it on social media!

It’s easy for people to simply “like” your posts – but don’t let friends off that easy. For each individual who expresses support but hasn’t actually donated, send them a friendly personal message with a link to your fundraising page. This one-on-one communication might be the extra push needed to get that donation, or at the very least will open up a conversation about NYCH’s work. 

When you post your fundraising appeal on Facebook or other platforms, be sure to tag any friends, family etc. who you think might be interested. This way you know that they won’t miss your post.

Social Cover

STWM social cover

Change your cover photo to show everyone that you're on our Charity Challenge Team!

Social Badge

STWM social card

Share your training photos or this simple social badge in a tweet or a status update - along with a link to your fundraising page. Download

Here are a few sample messages to add to your post:
"I'll be #running in this year's #STWM in support of @nychonline! Please donate: [fundraising page link]"
"Help me reach my #fundraising goal in support of @nychonline! Please donate: [fundraising page link] #STWM"
"I’m going the distance for @nychonline! Make a donation on my #STWM page: [fundraising page link]"


STWM Instagram share

Need a square for Instagram? We've got you covered!

Some extra tips:

  • No matter how you initially ask for donations, you’ll get the best results if you follow-up with a face-to-face or phone conversation. It’s much harder to say no to some one’s face, especially if you remind them that a donation can be in any amount – such as the cost of their morning coffee or Friday night beverage

  • The workplace is a great place to ask for support. If you work at NYCH there are likely colleagues who aren’t participating themselves but would love to support you! And if you work elsewhere, this is a great way to spread the word about NYCH and participate in what could be an excellent team-building experience

  • People care about Tax Receipts, so use this as an incentive

  • Use social media and email to give updates on your progress. As you get closer to meeting your fundraising goal, let people know that you’re close to reaching your goal and that their generous gift of only $XX will make it happen

Ways to Raise Donations

Think outside the box and you’ll discover that there are many creative ways to fundraise. For example: 

  • Throw a party – Ask your guests each to donate $5 (or more depending on the crowd) to atten

  • Bake Sale at work – Bring baked goods into work and leave a donation jar with suggested donation amount to indulge (make sure your workplace allows for this and that you don’t use common allergens such as nuts)

  • Make a Video Appeal - Record a quick video that expresses why you’re choosing to fundraise for NYCH and how they can support you. Share this video via social media and ask others to share it too

  • Ask friends & family at Thanksgiving - Because the STWM is occurring the weekend after Thanksgiving, use this opportunity to talk with your friends and family as you gather to celebrate. Ask everyone at your dinner table to give even $5 towards your cause

  • Ask for donations in lieu of birthday/anniversary/retirement presents – If you’re feeling extra generous, ask your friends and family to forgo getting you a gift and to donate to your fundraising page instead