North York Community House (NYCH) is an award-winning, dynamic, multi-service neighbourhood centre that has been working with residents in under-resourced and low-income neighbourhoods of northwest Toronto for over 27 years. We are committed to building strong, vibrant communities, and we do this by engaging residents, understanding their needs, and supporting them in achieving their goals. As a result of our work, newcomers are able to develop the skills, knowledge, and connections to settle, gain employment and build successful lives in their new home; children and youth are supported in becoming active, healthy citizens - gaining the skills, knowledge and self-esteem they require to meet their long-term goals; and local residents are provided with training and opportunities that enable them to become leaders in improving their own lives and their neighbourhoods. NYCH believes that all the community members we serve have the strength and ability to meet their goals – our role is to help them get there.

NYCH’s current 5 year strategic plan ends in December 2019. NYCH is looking to develop a new 5 year plan that is aspirational, innovative and provides a roadmap for NYCH to excel as a leader in impact and innovation in settlement and community development in Toronto. With a revised Theory of Change, along with a new evaluation and community development framework, NYCH is poised to take the step in its leadership and service delivery. NYCH is looking for a consultant who can work with its board of directors and management team to facilitate this next step.

This Request For Proposals is a search for a consultant to lead the North York Community House board and management team through the process of developing a five-year strategic plan. The plan will articulate NYCH’s vision/ mission and include the goals, objectives and actions steps that will guide the organization for the next five years in further developing its impact and leadership in the community. This plan will not only reflect the current social/economic environment but also anticipates the opportunities and challenges NYCH will face in the future and provide direction to innovatively address them.