What is The Perspectives Project?
A team of 12 LGBTQ++ and Disability identified and allied Peer Leaders who bravely share their Digital Stories to invite and encourage different perspectives for other newcomer youth and service providers in conversation circle.

Participants continuously identify a reduced sense of isolation and a feeling of belonging and community. Watching the stories of our Peer Leaders encourages participants to think of their own story, and the power in being able to own and share it. 

What is the Perspectives Project Toolkit?
Our Peer Leaders from both the LGBTQ++ and Disabilities communities came together to share their experiential knowledge on how to conduct story circles for LGBTQ++ and Disabilities identified and allied newcomers. Both best in practice and what challenges to be aware of are highlighted and explained for a deepened understanding.

Why would you use this toolkit?
This guide will help to give you confidence in conducting your own story circle with sensitivity and understanding. Through our experiences, you will hear of the needs being met through story circles when employing a combination of research, practice, failures and successes.

Download a PDF of the toolkit (8mb)

If you have trouble viewing the toolkit, please contact us at 416-784-0920 or send us an email.