Our Strong Neighbourhoods supports residents of the Lawrence Heights neighbourhood to develop strategies and take collective action to improve and increase community infrastructure.

The goal of OSN is to offer safe community spaces, better connectivity, and revitalized areas that drive social cohesion. To strengthen a neighbourhood, we must all work together – local businesses, governments, volunteers, community agencies and most importantly, the residents themselves. For this reason, OSN supports local residents to play a central role in shaping their neighbourhood. OSN (formerly Action for Neighbourhood Change - Lotherton) has been empowering residents to take charge in their community since 2007.

Some of the activities led by residents to promote community connections and healthy living include a thriving community garden, weekly Tea Café, community kitchens, the annual Lotherton Community Festival, a multi-media project for youth, and a number of cultural celebrations.

For more information, please call 416-783-5300 or send us an email.
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