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A Fantastic Journey...

Vincent's story is about his journey to Shanghai taught him a lot about China and the rest of the world.

Opening Through Art

Glaifra, a professional artist, tells us about how she started volunteering with recent newcomers to Canada to teach them to paint.

Paul's Story

Paul is a community leader in Lawrence Heights, and this is his story.


Ji Hye's story is a about her life-changing experience of volunteering in Cambodia.

My Bike, My Inner Strength

Leticia tells how her love for bike riding helped her cope when she came to Canada and then again fixing the same bike and riding it with her son helped her come out of depression.


For Sebastian, volunteering has been a way to show the values and beliefs instilled by his father. Volunteering has allowed Sebastian to share his knowledge and become a vital part of his community


This 2013 timeline explains Larry’s story of excitement, struggles, disappointments, regrets, and happiness of a newcomer in Toronto. From the rejects of interviews, unsought decisions, and sleepless nights mixed with excitement and fear, NYCH became a haven that helped Larry reaching his goals.

Our City, Our Food

A digital story about the Community Garden in Lotherton. North York Community House runs Action for Neighbourhood Change in the Lotherton community.

The Overlap

Besma describes the diversity she sees in Toronto. However trying some moments in our lives are, it is the common ground, the "overlaps" that bind us all together. 



Through Howan’s lens of happiness, his vision is a distant land. He meets with the reality of hardship and struggles in a country introduced to him as mercy. Being pulled between the rope of dreams and accomplishments, it is never to be forgotten, “if you are equipped with the right guidance and with the right frame of mind … you will succeed!”



The Letter That Changed My Life

She was able to accomplish success through hard work, but there was always something missing. During her hunt to fill the void, she started donating to help other students pursue their education. She was one step closer to finding what she was missing once she moved to Toronto.