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Sasan's Story

Sasan describes the teasing he endured from his classmates because of his background - and how he came to embrace his identity as someone from two "different, wonderful cultures".

Laura's Story

When Laura was bullied at her Catholic School, she defended herself, not knowing that she, herself would become what she hated the most... a bully.

Life of Being Bullied...

Artiana shares her experiences of being bullied in person and bullied on the internet and what helped her through it.


Rovina shows how she overcame the struggles of adjusting to a new life in Canada.

Sad & Loud

After she began school in Canada, Louinne felt overwhelmed and embarrassed by her teacher. Thinking that she could stay at home until her mom sent her back to the Philippines, she refused to go to school until she found out that absenteeism was not the answer.


Changing Myself

Lakshita describes how she changed herself after moving to Canada. She overcomes the sadness she feels as a newcomer student in a brand new environment, especially through the Newcomer Orientation (NOW) Club at North Albion Collegiate Institute.