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Sasan's Story

Sasan describes the teasing he endured from his classmates because of his background - and how he came to embrace his identity as someone from two "different, wonderful cultures".


Danusiya explores how her journey to Canada shaped her into the person she is today. As a newcomer student, Danusiya talks about bullying, self image, and the value of friendship.

Laura's Story

When Laura was bullied at her Catholic School, she defended herself, not knowing that she, herself would become what she hated the most... a bully.


Through self-drawn images, Derek shows how his journey from Canada to Taiwan to Canada has shaped his life. Through trying times, bullying, and language barriers, Derek shows his resiliency.

Life of Being Bullied...

Artiana shares her experiences of being bullied in person and bullied on the internet and what helped her through it.


Rodney talks about how we interpreted in different ways by others and the impact that has on our self worth... does it determine our self worth? the perspectives project and rodney colloaboration :)