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Our Childhood Stories

Two students, one from North Korea and one from Kenya, tell stories about their childhoods. One was raised by her grandparents in North Korea, and was educated by them until the age of 8. The other was also taught and raised by her family in Kenya, and did not have the opportunity to go to school until she moved to Canada

Before and After

After Mohamed was caught under a bus in Somalia, he was in a coma for two years. He is now recovering in Toronto, and going to school full-time.

Our Journeys & Our Goals

A Somali and a Hungarian youth create a pair story. One student lost his father to illness in Hungary, and the other escaped civil war in Somalia. They talk about their memories and goals, and they find ways to relate to one another.


Our Lives Before Canada

Somali youth-- one born in Yemen, the other born in India-- tell their stories about their childhood experiences. They exchange memories of celebrations and travel, and of child labour and having to grow up alone. They share their goals to succeed in their new country.