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NYCH Staff


The yelling, the smashing, the tears repeat in Dayanne's life. However, it is her unconditional love for her son that breaks those thighs chains and leads her out to a brighter future. Our destiny's are in our own hands. 


In collaboration with North York Community House's Digital Storytelling Program, Amy shares her inspiring personal story of arts, travel, and youth activism.

The Overlap

Besma describes the diversity she sees in Toronto. However trying some moments in our lives are, it is the common ground, the "overlaps" that bind us all together. 


The Fight

Bonnie Hunter walks us through her life as a person living with depression and fighting it through strong supports and creative outlets.



Shelley Zuckerman, Executive Director of North York Community House (NYCH) shares what the shortest month of the year symbolizes for her. She reflects on family and loss, and on her beginnings as ED of NYCH