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Steps To My Dreams...

Iryna's story takes us through her journey of adjusting to a new life in Canada.


Danusiya explores how her journey to Canada shaped her into the person she is today. As a newcomer student, Danusiya talks about bullying, self image, and the value of friendship.


Katherine dedicates her story to her best friend, who made life a lot easier.


Erin is one of the Peer Leaders in the Perspectives Project - what a lot of wisdom and experience to offer the world!


Corinna's Digital Story


What does it feel like to choose to not celebrate your birthday? What does "Barkada" mean? Find out with JM's story

True Friends

After a few parties at his house, Richard realizes who his true friends are.

Life of Being Bullied...

Artiana shares her experiences of being bullied in person and bullied on the internet and what helped her through it.


Cherese describes the value of friendship and what it really takes to sustain relationships. The love that is shared between friends helps overcome many of life's obstacles and challenges. Let's cherish our friends, because you never want to take something so precious for granted. 

Our Journeys & Our Goals

A Somali and a Hungarian youth create a pair story. One student lost his father to illness in Hungary, and the other escaped civil war in Somalia. They talk about their memories and goals, and they find ways to relate to one another.