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Through self-drawn images, Derek shows how his journey from Canada to Taiwan to Canada has shaped his life. Through trying times, bullying, and language barriers, Derek shows his resiliency.


Yemima talks about her journey from Indonesia to Canada, and how she overcomes her shock of immigrating to a new place.

Our Childhood Stories

Two students, one from North Korea and one from Kenya, tell stories about their childhoods. One was raised by her grandparents in North Korea, and was educated by them until the age of 8. The other was also taught and raised by her family in Kenya, and did not have the opportunity to go to school until she moved to Canada

My Bike, My Inner Strength

Leticia tells how her love for bike riding helped her cope when she came to Canada and then again fixing the same bike and riding it with her son helped her come out of depression.


For Sebastian, volunteering has been a way to show the values and beliefs instilled by his father. Volunteering has allowed Sebastian to share his knowledge and become a vital part of his community

Yes, I do

Legin's story about the hurdles she had to overcome to prove her love to immigration officials.


Eileen describes how she first learned to ride her bike. It was her father's encouraging words that made her keep going. She takes those words to heart and applies them to her new life in Canada.

Sandwich Generation

Marina sends a mother's letter to her son. She paints a cross-generational story about familial love that continues to endure.


The loss of her daughter, Saba, was a big challenge for Pari. A daughter was a role model for her mother. Although it was a point of sorrow, she was committed to being strong like her daughter. The thought that she could not do it alone, she turned to NYCH for volunteering. This provided motivation, strength and a turning point in her life.


Cherese describes the value of friendship and what it really takes to sustain relationships. The love that is shared between friends helps overcome many of life's obstacles and challenges. Let's cherish our friends, because you never want to take something so precious for granted. 

Never Belonged

Amy talks about her journey from one country to another, always feeling that she was an outsider, an outcast until she decides to let go of her painful past and the memory of her loving mother and decides to build a new life in Canada and tell herself that she belongs here.


Shelley Zuckerman, Executive Director of North York Community House (NYCH) shares what the shortest month of the year symbolizes for her. She reflects on family and loss, and on her beginnings as ED of NYCH


Digital Story by Adnan