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National Volunteer Week: Tuesday

It's National Volunteer Week - and today, we're taking time to recognize the volunteers who have been involved in our Citizenship Preparation programs and Walking Conversation Circles.

It has been truly inspiring to see how our volunteers have taken a lead role in these activities.

Through our Walking Conversation Circles, newcomers are able practice their English language skills in an informal group while exploring the city of Toronto. It's a great opportunity for volunteers and participants to interact on a more personal level and have a shared Canadian experience. Beyond the conversational skills that are developed, volunteers help newcomers establish a stronger connection to the city they now call home.

In our Citizenship Preparation programs, volunteers - many of whom are newcomers themselves - are motivated to facilitate sessions as a way to give back and support those who are going through the same things they experienced only a few years prior. By sharing their first-hand knowledge, volunteers make an important contribution to the impact of these prep sessions. 

Here are the names of the awesome individuals who have volunteered in these programs over the past two years:

•    Sosina
•    Rebecca
•    Thi Phung Thu
•    Maria V.
•    Andrea
•    Luisa
•    Shaobin
•    Mitra
•    Ayesha
•    Mitra
•    Zinat
•    Pheven
•    Nicole
•    Rahel
•    David
•    Mahrukh
•    Shalini
•    Julio
•    Florence Ugur
•    Aida
•    Angelina

•    Purity
•    Chetna
•    Sonette
•    Aida
•    Tyler
•    Joy
•    Safa
•    Mehdi
•    Kimberley
•    Ohla
•    Susana
•    Alina
•    Jessica
•    Tulsi
•    Violeta
•    Nicole
•    Sheri
•    Helaine
•    Joy
•    Nargiza
•    Safa

We're so grateful for the efforts of all our volunteers - thank you! If you would like to volunteer with North York Community House, please submit an online application