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Andreina: A NYCH Success Story

Meet Andreina. Originally from Venezuela, she lived in Spain while studying for her MBA - and ultimately, decided to settle in Canada with her husband in March 2016. 

We asked Andreina about her journey as a newcomer to Canada, and how her experience at NYCH has helped her achieve her goals. This is what she had to say:

Q: What were some of the challenges you faced upon arriving in Canada? What were your goals?

A: We came with a lot of dreams but also with fears, because we had never been to Canada before. We didn't know if we were going to like the country, or the weather, and we had savings for few months. Also, we had impressive CVs, but no Canadian experience and we had to improve our English. Our challenge was to find a job related to our professional experience, so we had to adapt our CVs according to the positions we were applying, as well as prepare ourselves for the interviews.

Q: How did you hear about NYCH? Which programs were you involved in?

We had to improve our English level so we read on the Internet that we should take the CLB test before applying to free ESL courses for newcomers. So, we went to YMCA at the Finch location, and then we met with a representative who recommended NYCH services for newcomers

The following week, we met with Lucy from NYCH and she explained to us all of the options we had available. We decided to enroll in the NYCH Employment Success Workshop with Annie and we went to the English Conversation Circle at North York Central Library. The next month, we also enrolled in the ELT Sales and Marketing Program, as well as the OSLT Entrepreneurship and Marketing Program at George Brown College - following the recommendations we received from Lucy. We were incredibly busy but definitely committed to achieve our goals.

Q: What did you gain through NYCH programs? Which achievements are you most proud of? 

NYCH programs gave us an orientation and the confidence we needed to go forward. They worked along with us on the path we had to follow. Particularly, the NYCH Employment Success Workshop gave us the structure we were looking for to start our job applications. Also, the NYCH English Conversation Circle, as well as the ELT and OSLT courses recommended by NYCH, were key factors to gain confidence with our English level. 

In all of these programs, we could meet other newcomers with similar experiences and goals; we learned how we could transfer our previous professional experience, studies and skills; and we understood the expectations for CVs, cover letters and job interviews to finally get our first jobs in Canada. 

Now, we just had our first anniversary in Canada and we are very proud of what we have achieved so far. All of the support we received and all of the effort we did was worthwhile. In just 6 months after we came to Canada, both of us were working in our professional areas. My husband started working as Business Analyst and I got a job as Digital Account Coordinator. 

Q: Is there a person/program/experience at NYCH that stands out in your memory?

A: We are very grateful for Lucy Santos and Annie Sun from NYCH. They gave us a lot of ideas and recommendations, as well as the next steps we should follow - and it helped to build the confidence we were needing. 

Q: What are your plans/goals for the future?

A: We want to gain more experience and continue improving our English. But now, we are sure that our future is here in Canada.

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Who am I? What do I want? And how do I get there?

by Annie Sun, Employment Support Worker at NYCH

When it comes to a job search and career exploration, one of the most important factors to consider is the core foundation of what is important for you. What is that thing that causes you to wake up in the morning, stretch your stretches and say, "This is why I'm alive!"

photo by Ian Schneider

photo by Ian Schneider

Before writing a resume, or beginning any process in your job search, it is important to identify what your passions are, and what you love and enjoy. This will help you create an authentic intention, and a purpose that is aligned with who you are. Once this step is complete, the resume, job search process, and even interviewing and networking will be a breeze - because you'll be speaking from your heart and from your authentic being. 

First of all, it is important to identify your value system. What are the values that matter most for you? Is it money? Is it material? Is it humanitarian? Politics? Animals? Art? There are so many possibilities, and once we create the space to discover and to align ourselves with our purpose and what we want, everything will fall into place. It will be easy, natural and effortless. The universe will work with us in letting it happen - versus us making it happen by forcing an outcome and pushing to achieve a goal when we are not all the way clear on what it is.

Happiness is connected to us living as our authentic selves, as our true being. Success follows happiness. Imagine, if you got up every day doing what you loved, what would life be like? It wouldn't feel like work, but play with purpose. You would be able to effectively contribute to the world and your community fully. You would be energized and motivated to be creative and innovative. You would become a leader and a pioneer. These are some of the many possibilities when we follow our dreams!

Like anything, it takes a village, and we cannot do it alone. But there are support services available. At North York Community House, we provide counselling services and guidance to help you discover who you are and what matters most to you, and create plans of action to support you in getting there.

For more information, you can contact Annie at 647-205-9070 or via email at You can also register for one-on-one employment support services or attend our monthly group workshops to get one step closer to your ultimate career goal!