It's National Volunteer Week! We want to thank all of the volunteers who have made an incredible impact across our organization and in our communities. Here's a selection of quotes from some of the amazing volunteers at NYCH:

Group of participants smiling in the kitchen during a Cooking Program

“When I volunteer, I am filled with joy every time I see a smile on people’s faces. Going to the English Conversation Circles has been the highlight of my week and I feel encouraged when the participants and seniors tell me that their English is improving; it is the fire that inspires me to continue volunteering. I am able to hone my leadership and communication skills every week. My peers and colleagues tell me that I have become more confident when public speaking; this is because of the practice that I am getting with the seniors. This experience has also opened my understanding of different issues, this is an experience that I will take with me in all of the work that I do in the future. I really appreciate the opportunity at NYCH and I appreciate the Newcomer Connections for Senior Caregivers project with ENRICHES.” - LENEQUE, Placement Student/ECC and Cooking Program Group Facilitator

Amal, a NYCH volunteer

“As a friendly-visitor [in the Social Mentorship program], I have a really great experience with the senior I am matched with. He wants to learn so many things, including the computer. He’s really appreciative of the time and connection we’ve made. This makes you feel really good and makes you want to continue helping others. Volunteering in this program boosts your confidence, self-esteem and makes you feel great about yourself and what you’ve done."  - AMAL, Youth Social Mentor volunteer

Sundus, a NYCH volunteer

“My caregiver match has started to open up a lot since we first started meeting up. I feel like we are developing a trustworthy relationship, where she shares her past difficulties, as well as her present achievements. She likes to share her feelings and she is very honest by giving me the best advice. I feel like I learn so much from her. She has taught me that sometimes courage means it's time for you to step away (even though that may seem cowardly on the outside). She's a wonderful woman and I look forward to seeing her every week!” - SUNDUS, Youth Social Mentor volunteer

"It has been great to give back to the community especially in a way in which I could see the immediate results. Having been born into the digital age, I had not really given thought to the generational rift caused by technology. The seniors I worked with had a strong desire to be informed and independent and it was fulfilling to give them the tools they needed. One of my tutees was especially excited by Google Translate, knowing that he could now read the Toronto Star and follow local news allowing him to be more civically engaged". - Youth Program volunteer


“I want to thank you and the volunteers who come here to help with the program. I never knew how to even turn on a I’m coming here and I’m using my own two hands! (laughs). For me as a senior and losing my husband one year ago last Thursday…this program helps me to come out of my comfort zone and out of my home”. - Newcomer senior, computer program participant

 “Volunteers can give us one-to-one help. When there is a teacher up at the front of the class, it’s too fast. We can’t stop and say, ‘I’m lost’. But with a volunteer, we can be slow and ask questions and not feel bad to stop the teacher for questions. Generally, people don’t have patience with older people, but volunteers have the patience; we appreciate the volunteers. This type of program can help especially newcomers”. - Newcomer senior, computer program participant

“Ayesha is a very polite and friendly volunteer. She is a good listener and makes time to check with everyone. Ayesha was very involved in the program I was in. She has shared her knowledge and experience and took extra steps to help others." - Newcomer senior