From our staff, to our volunteers, to the residents we serve in northwest Toronto, we worked with so many amazing individuals last year. And, we are incredibly proud of the work we did together. In 2016, we welcomed Syrian Refugees to Toronto; we helped newcomer seniors feel less isolated; we organized awesome youth performances; we encouraged families to make healthy lifestyle choices; we provided opportunities for newcomers to improve their skills; and we watched as community members became leaders of change in their neighbourhoods. 

When we asked some of the people we worked with what "community" means to them, we were inspired by their responses. Watch the video to see what they had to say. Their idea of community, as a welcoming place that is full of opportunity, echoes our vision of a strong community where all belong and thrive - and strengthens our resolve to keep working towards it.

As the new year gets underway, we are happy to continue providing vital services that have made a difference in so many lives over the past 26 years. And, we are excited to offer several new programs that will support newcomers and their families in achieving their goals. Being able to work together to help people settle, integrate and lead successful lives is, ultimately, what community means to us. What does community mean to you? 

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