As National Volunteer Week continues, we thought we'd take a day to thank the volunteers who participate in our weekly English Conversation Circle (ECC) at the Canadian Centre for Language and Cultural Studies.

The success of drop-in Conversation Circles like these really is dependent on the passion and skills of our volunteers. They are able to create a welcoming atmosphere that makes participants feel comfortable enough to open up and chat. Ultimately, this informal conversation helps to build each participant's confidence in speaking English, and also creates opportunities for newcomers to network and build relationships.

But rather than hearing us go on and on about how awesome these volunteers are, we'll let one of our ECC participants tell you. Last year, Shaobin (who has also volunteered with NYCH) wrote a thank you letter to the volunteers in our Conversation Circles. In the letter, he describes volunteers by saying, "They are more like friends. Participants in these groups feel more relaxed and it is easier to become confident and comfortable." Shaobin continues, "They help us to make a better life and become better Canadians. They help Canada to be a better place."

Wow - we couldn't have said it any better! Read Shaobin's full thank you letter here.

So, without further ado, here are the names of the incredible volunteers who have been a part of our Monday English Conversation Circles over the past two years:

•    Florence
•    Cristine
•    Aida
•    Tooba
•    Samia
•    Ghahreman
•    Fataneh
•    Serafino
•    Chen
•    Farahnaz
•    Nabil
•    Joan
•    Sara

•    Bob
•    Margaret
•    Marilyn
•    Mehdi
•    Mitra
•    Dianne
•    Mahvash
•    Jyothi
•    Farahnaz
•    Diana
•    Zahra
•    Laleh
•    Maria

We're so grateful for the efforts of all our volunteers - thank you! If you would like to volunteer with North York Community House, please submit an online application