"My most cherished memory from NYCH is the very first LINC class I taught 14 years ago at Caledonia, the pilot project for the LINC Level 4/5 class. It was my first experience with adult newcomers at NYCH, and I still remember all 10 of the students and their unique stories. There were Anatoly and Lana from Israel, whose main concern was to understand their two teenage daughters and get them into a Canadian university. There was also Elena from Moscow who complained about being tall as much as I did about being short. Her husband Sergei who held out for the right job and got it six months after arriving. Svetlana and Nicolai, also from Moscow and both electrical engineers, who found they could make more money starting their own business as electricians. Alex from Siberia, a biology professor, who decided to become a stay-at-home husband and father while his wife held down a good job. Khalid from Iraq, the outlawed newspaper editor who wished he could have honeymooned at the Toronto Reference Library. And, of course, Luz from Colombia, a former ice follies dancer, and her husband Jorge who loved to hug everyone when the classes started. All these students’ experiences, stories, and countries of origin may have been different, but they all had the same hopes and dreams as each other and as me: To make a better life for oneself and one’s family."