"My best memories of working at NYCH are from the summer and fall of 1999, with the beginning of SEPT which was only a small project at that time. I was fortunate to have been hired by NYCH as a School Settlement Worker to do the much needed work that SEPT would provide. This project was to respond to the needs of newcomer students and their families, as well as to schools and community agencies. With the very few resources available at that time, but through the support of NYCH, an open and clear vision, as well as with the workers' enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism to help new immigrants to succeed in Canada, we really strived to make the project work. Of course, we could not have succeeded without the support and trust we had and still have in schools. It’s so interrelated - literally bridging the schools, libraries & programs in the communities. So many years of hard work in promoting early NYCH programs! So many events, people, stories! Now SEPT is one of the most popular programs in helping newcomers, and I feel very proud at having the opportunity to be a part of it from its inception, watching it grow, develop and change people’s lives (including mine) and entire communities for the best.”