“It’s over 20 years, but it feels like yesterday since I had my interview with Shelley Zuckerman (NYCH Executive Director). This was the start of a very fruitful journey for me. Shelley put me at ease with her friendly manner. This same comfortable, friendly and professional atmosphere is what keeps many of us working for NYCH for many years. I joined NYCH in September 1993 as a LINC instructor for level 2. Our classroom was in a residential building complex on Caledonia at Lawrence. There were two other locations where LINC classes were held, one was at Bathurst and the other at Jane and Tretheway. I enjoyed when the teachers met once a month with our coordinator to iron out any problems we faced and to discuss ways and means to improve our program. Our class then moved from Caledonia to our present location at the Lawrence Square Mall. It is here that we offer language training and skills development programs from Level 2 to 7 all under one roof. By sharing their knowledge and experiences with us, our learners widen our horizons. One of my learners is now a high school teacher; another is a nurse and yet another former student enjoys volunteering with my class now. She is helping other newcomers to master computer skills. I wish NYCH many more successful years to follow, and I also wish everyone at NYCH good health so that they may continue to serve the community with the same zeal and dedication in years to come.”