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Artiana’s Digital Story

"They guide us and help us to solve problems and to make new friends with them... " Play Artiana's digital story >>

Artiana’s Digital Story Artiana's Digital Story

Abdi and Mark’s digital story

Abdi and Mark talk about their journeys and their goals... > Play  

Abdi and Mark’s digital story Abdi and Mark's digital story

Oksana’s Digital Story

"Immigration is a good teacher, you learn to know what is really important to you..." >Play

Oksana’s Digital Story Oksana's Digital Story

Paw Wah’s Digital Story

"My determination never lost hope..." >Play

Paw Wah’s Digital Story Paw Wah's Digital Story

Who We Are

North York Community House

In 1990, North York Community House ('NYCH') came into existence as a result of a sizable donation from an anonymous benefactor.  Over the course of 22 years, this single act of generosity grew into an organization dedicated to assisting newcomers to … More


30 Days of Digital Storytelling

April is Digital Storytelling Month at NYCH! Join us in the #30DaysofDS discussion here.


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